Sizes: sizes are before machining and may be metric equivalent.
Terms: 10% deposit with order and balance on delivery.
Deliveries: over 25 miles from Hexham may be subject to an additional delivery charge – please ask for details.
Specification: we have listed our most popular specifications and sizes. However, if you would like a bespoke design or layout please contact us.

Prices effective from 1st June 2024.

Prices include delivery (see below), dip treatment, fitting on your prepared level base and VAT.

Standard features include:

  • 2″ x 1½″ Framing throughout
  • ½″ T&G Shiplap cladding
  • ½″ T&G Boards to floor and roof
  • Roofs have polyester mineral felt as standard (optional EPDM rubber)
  • Glazing in acrylic Perspex, sealed and beaded
  • 12” T-hinges with hasp and staple fitted to a fully framed door


Interior Heights:
Eaves 69″ Ridge 81″


Interior Heights:
Front 78″ Rear 72″

Any size made to order
Please refer to optional extras page for any extra options you may require

Standard features include:

  • 3” x 2” Framing throughout
  • 1″ T&G V joint or Log cladding
  • 1″ T&G Floor
  • ½” T&G Roof
  • Polyester mineral felt to roof (optional EPDM rubber)
  • Glazing in acrylic Perspex
  • 16” T-hinges and Mortice Lock to 3′ Wide Door
  • Joinery made Windows (1 opening) in each
  • 6″ Extra Height, generous headroom
  • Dip treated inside and out
  • 3 additional coats Protek woodstain to exterior – choice of colours available


Interior Heights
Front 84″ Back 78″


Interior Heights
Eaves 75″ Ridge 87″

Any size made to order.

All buildings are pre-treated with a factory base coat to protect in transit and storage. For all our timber buildings we recommend an application of quality timber treatment as soon as practical after assembly and thereafter annually. Wood is a natural product and prone to changes in appearance, including some warping and splitting particularly in extremes of temperature. This is natural and is not covered by our guarantee.

Door options
3′ Wide Door – £39
Double Doors
or Extra Door – £119
½ Glazed or Stable Door – £100

Window options
Workshop Windows
(1 Pane Opens)
2 Pane – £92
3 Pane – £105
4 Pane – £112

4 Pane Georgian

Fixed – £63
8 Pane – £105


Bench with Shelf under £29 per ft. run

Shelves on Brackets
8″ deep £11 per ft.
12″ deep £12 per ft.
16″ deep £15 per ft.

5 Lever Mortice
Lock & black hinges and handle – £100
Antique black hinges – £20
Concealed butt hinges – £31

Gutters – £15 per ft.
Downpipe – £53

Prices are delivered, dip treated and fitted on your level base and include VAT. Please refer to Optional extras sheet for any options you may require

We supply and fit a large range of quality summerhouses and can build to any size or specification. We offer a choice of Beaumont, Georgian, or Contemporary doors and windows and 2 claddings are available, all kiln dried redwood, ½” shiplap or 1’ Log Board.

Please Note:
The prices quoted includes double doors and 2 opening windows to the front of the building. Please add on any extra windows you may require.

Standard specification is: 2″ x 1½” Framing, ½” T & G Floor & Roof, Black antique style hinges and a mortice lock fitted to the door. Polyester mineral felt to roof.

Internal heights:
Apex Eaves 72” – Ridge 90”
Pent Front 84” – Back 78”

*All buildings can be supplied lined & insulated. Please ask for quote

Georgian doors and windows (Left). Contemporary doors and windows (Right).

Beaumont doors and windows


Roof covering:
Polyester mineral felt included as standard.
EPDM Firestone rubber available P.O.A

Our range of timber garages includes the 6 most popular sizes, or we can supply any size or specification to order. Prices quoted include delivery, treatment, VAT and erection on a suitable concrete base.  Please refer to optional extras page for any extras you may require

Standard Specification

  • 2 x 1½″ Framing
  • ½″ T&G roof boards on 3″ x 2″ spars with centre truss
  • polyester mineral felt or optional EPDM Rubber roof covering
  • 6’6″ eaves – 8’ peak

Internal Heights: Eaves: 78″, Ridge 96″

Solar Sheds & Potting Sheds

Come with growing bench under sloping window – door can be fitted to either end with opening window in opposite end section.

Internal heights: Front 74″ Rear 71″
Also available 6″ taller

Standard Spec includes:

  • 2 x 1½” framing
  • Clad in ½” T&G Shiplap
  • Floor & roof in ½” TGV boards
  • Polyester mineral felt roof covering
  • Dip treatment
  • Acrylic glazing, sealed and beaded

Solar Sheds & Potting Sheds Prices…


Our traditional Greenhouses are part timber clad, in a choice of 3 claddings and will compliment any garden. Our sealed and beaded in Perspex glazing means no more blown out or broken glass. Any size can be made to order. Rainwater goods are optional. Roofs are glazed in Twin wall Polycarbonate.

Internal Heights: Pent: Front: 78″ Rear: 72″

Greenhouses Prices…

Standard Spec includes:

  • 2 x 1½” framing
  • Clad in ½” T&G Shiplap
  • Floor & roof in ½” TGV boards
  • Polyester mineral felt roof covering
  • Dip treatment
  • Acrylic glazing, sealed and beaded

Any size made to order.

Our Cabin Range is designed to give a more attractive appearance than a standard shed, and comes with four pane Georgian door and windows as standard.

Standard specification includes:

  • 2 x 1½” framing
  • ½” T&G floor & roof
  • Black antique door fittings
  • “2 Fixed Georgian windows
  • Choice of Georgian or solid door
  • ½” T&G shiplap cladding
  • 12″ roof overhang
  • Acrylic glazing – sealed and beaded
  • Mortise lock with black handle set
  • Dip treatment, delivered and fitted on your base

Internal Heights
Pent: Front 78″, Rear 72″
Apex: Eaves 72″, Ridge 84″

All prices include delivery (see below), treatment, fitting on your prepared base, and VAT.

  • 2×1½ Framing
  • ½″ T&G Cladding
  • ½″ T&G Floor and Roof
  • Polyester mineral felt to roofs
  • Perspex Glazing
  • Fully Framed 2′ w Doors with Galv. Fittings
  • Dip treatment

Day Kennels

2′6″ x 2′w x 2′ Eaves/2′6″ Ridge £205

3′ x 2′6″w x 2′6″ Eaves/3′ Ridge £250

3′6″ x 3′w x 2′6″ Eaves/3′ Ridge £376

Extra Large
4′ x 3′6″ w x 3′ Eaves/3′6″ Ridge £414

*W = Size Across Doorway End*

Pent & Apex Kennels

Available as Kennel only, or with optional 6′ H mesh run attached. Pent or Apex same price – includes Raised Bed and Stable Door.


Combined Kennel / Run: 60″ H Front / 54″ H Back

Optional Runs

6′ High Weldmesh Runs – £20 Per Ft Run
Mesh Gate – £86

Standard features include:

  • 2″ x 1½″ Framing throughout
  • ½″ T&G Shiplap Cladding
  • ½″ T&G Boards to Floor & Roof
  • Fully Framed Door with T-hinges, hasp & staple
  • Polyester Mineral Felt to Roof
  • Dip treated


Our Playhouses are built to the same high specification as all our buildings. All prices are delivered, fitted, treated and include V.A.T.

  • 2″ x 1½″ Framing
  • T&G Cladding
  • T&G Floor & Roof
  • Georgian Door & Windows
  • Black Antique Hinges
  • Acrylic Perspex Glazing
  • Two Heights Available:
    4′ Eaves, 5′ Ridge
    5′ Eaves 6′ Ridge
  • Fully dip treated
  • 2′ Veranda – optional
  • 3 coats Protek wood stain – optional


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